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Mother's Bedroom Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:22:05
Released: 2018
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    I knew I loved Emma when we first met. We knew that a girl should "like" a boy back then, but we liked each other. In our little town that type of relationship is frowned on, and so as we grew up, Emma started dating boys, and I explored relationships with other girls.

    We grew up and Emma started dating Jeremy, and her time spent with me became limited. I took Emma to a party and we were having an amazing time. Emma was dancing, and she let her inhibitions go, and I took her to a private bedroom. Emma cornered me, she reminded me of a blonde lioness taking her prey. I liked it. I don't usually feel submissive, but I melted in her arms, and we made love over and over. My head was laying on her breasts, still dewy from our love when Jeremy walked in. I looked to Emma, praying she would finally choose me over him, instead she left with him.

    I love Emma. She breaks my heart. I don't know why she hurts me over and over again, sometimes I think she enjoys tormenting me, sometimes I think she enjoys being the object of my affection, and Jeremy's. She has always loved attention. I should leave her alone, but I can't, and if you've ever loved anyone, you would understand.

    I've found a way to make her understand she needs me. She can't go back to him anymore. I won't allow it. It's her Birthday and the perfect day to start a brand new journey, this time with me.

    Watch the story unfold.
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    Cast & Stars: Mother's Bedroom

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